New Device: Samsung Nexus S

We are pleased to tell you that we now have a Samsung Nexus S in our lab, increasing the line-up to an impressive total of 18!

Samsung Nexus S

Kindly donated by Ben Paddock, all we had to do was factory reset the device and install the most popular web browsers before it was ready.

This smartphone was launched in December 2010 and was the first to use the Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" operating system. The Nexus line of handsets are still in production today, despite the stiff competition of other manufacturers, due to their great performance and value for money.

Nexus S Specification

DeviceManufacturerOS DisplayResolution
Nexus S Samsung Android 4.1.2 4" 480x800

This is our 13th Android device, giving you an even bigger range of screen resolutions to test your website on - however there are so many more devices out there, so if you have one lying around could you please see our Donations page.