New Device: Apple iPhone 4S

We're pleased to tell you that we now have an Apple iPhone 4S ready to be added to our line-up, bringing the total number of devices ready to test on in our open device lab to 17 and the number of Apple devices we have on offer to 3.

Apple iPhone 4S Added to Lab

Kindly donated by Rhona Borthwick, this iPhone was in need of a bit of TLC to get it up and running so we've swapped out the faulty power button (which had rendered the phone practically useless), factory-reset the device and upgraded the OS.

The iPhone 4S is a great addition to our open device lab. Even though it launched in October 2011, it's still in circulation and commonly available as a free handset on mobile contracts. Interestingly, statistics suggest that the 4S has become a "gateway device" for the Apple eco-system - perhaps finding a market in those users who want the Apple badge but can't afford the price tag on latest iPhones, and also in emerging markets such as China and India.

iPhone 4S Specification

DeviceManufacturerOS DisplayResolution
iPhone 4S (16GB) Apple iOS 8.1.3 3.5" 640x960

This device joins two other Apple devices in our lab - an iPhone 3GS and a first generation iPod Touch. We'd love some of the more current Apple devices though, if you can help please see our Donations page.