BrowserStack Live & Screenshots Now Available in the Lab!

We’re pleased to announce that we can now offer users of Longbridge Device Lab the opportunity to test your responsive websites on BrowserStack. Last week we managed to secure a free subscription to both the Live and Screenshot plans, allowing you to visually inspect and test your creations for render and usability on the wide range of device emulators they offer.

BrowserStack Logo

BrowserStack perfectly compliments the array of real devices we have in-house here at Longbridge Device Lab and we hope this will be a useful resource for you.

What is BrowserStack?

BrowserStack is an online emulation service which allows you to virtually test websites on the most popular devices across iOS, Android and more. Each “device” is set up on BrowserStack’s servers with the same parameters as its real-life counterpart, which means what you see on screen is as close as possible to the real thing.

In addition to the wide range of mobile emulators, BrowserStack also gives you access to hundreds of versions of desktop browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer across multiple operating systems. This is particularly handy when the need arises to test in older browsers, even IE6 *shudder*.

Live vs. Screenshots

As the name suggests, the Live plan allows you to load each device (or desktop browser) on a virtual machine where you can browse as normal, scrolling and clicking on links to your heart’s content. Only one device can be loaded per session and you can take screenshots to document bugs.

BrowserStack Live LoadingBrowserStack Live

BrowserStack takes a few moments to load then will display your chosen "device".

If you’re just looking to carry out visual inspection then Screenshots is a massive time saver. You simply need to select the devices and/or browsers to be tested (up to 25 at a time) and wait for full-page screenshots to be generated. Once this is done you can browse through the images, zip them up or even share a link to the page. For us, this is perfect for demonstrating cross-compatibility (or lack thereof!) to clients.

BrowserStack Screenshots

You can capture up to 25 screenshots at a time then browse through them at leisure.

Make an Appointment!

If you’d like to come and try out BrowserStack or any of our other devices (for free!) please make an appointment and come and see what we’re all about for yourself.

Many thanks to BrowserStack for the complimentary subscription, for more information on their services and plans please visit