Ballyhoo Opens the Doors to Birmingham Open Device Lab

The Ballyhoo team at the Device Lab launchPictured: Ballyhoo team members Sam Bispham, Alison & Anthony Chaffey, James Holt and Tom Willis at the launch event for Longbridge Device Lab in Birmingham.

Longbridge Device Lab Launch Event

This post is admittedly over a month belated but we're sure that once you factor in the rush to finish work for Christmas, some well-deserved time off over the holidays and the inbox-bulge once we returned to work, that you'll forgive us for being a little slow in getting round to adding it. Anyway...

On Monday 15th December 2014, we officially opened the doors to Longbridge Device Lab!

The launch event, held in the lab itself, was well attended with guests including local web developers and business owners as well as recognisable Longbridge faces Councillor Ian Cruise, Mike Murray (senior development surveyor at St Modwen) and Kimberley Pace (Innovation Centre assistant manager).

Once our guests arrived (apologies if you didn't get an invite!), a short presentation to explain the purpose of an open device lab for those unfamiliar with the concept was given by Anthony, followed by a live demonstration of the lab in action showing how responsive websites can be viewed across multiple devices. We then invited guests to try using the lab to test their own websites and take a look at the tablets and smartphones that have been donated to us so far.

Scroll down for more photos of the launch...

We're delighted with how well the launch event went and we're proud to have brought you the first open device lab in Birmingham. 2015 will be an important year for us but hopefully in 12 months time we'll be going strong with hundreds of devices and you'll be a regular face in the lab. Fingers crossed.

We're open for appointments!

We're using the lab in-house now to test the responsive websites we're building and, although we only have a small number of devices so far, it's already proving to be an asset to our team. What we need though is bodies through the door to try the lab first-hand and let us know what we can do to improve it and make it somewhere you can't live without. Oh and some donations would be nice too :-)

Whether you've got a website in testing or you're just curious, please make an appointment to come and see the lab. At the moment we're open during standard office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) but we will extend these if there is demand. Head over to our Appointments page to let us know when you'd like to come in.

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