Anthony Chaffey Interviewed for Brum Tech Scene

The latest video in Brum Tech Scene's series of interviews of influential and active people in Birmingham's technical community has just been released and features none other than Ballyhoo's Anthony Chaffey.

Last week we were lucky enough to arrange for Brum Tech Scene's Stuart Langridge to come down to Longbridge Device Lab to check out what we're doing and have a chat with Anthony about a) what an open device lab actually is and b) why there's now one in Birmingham.

We were delighted to accept Stuart's request for an interview ahead of our official launch on the 15th December 2014 and hope that you find the interview a good way to learn more about what we're trying to achieve here at Longbridge Device Lab.

Brum Tech Scene interviews someone new every week so be sure to check out their other videos - and look out for the last question in every interview, it's by far the most important :-p